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Preparing for the UK NHS Mandate - 3 Things You Need to Know

By Tasha Wiehe  |  healthcare, NHS, Medical Devices  |  0 Comments  |  Posted at 2:58 PM  | 

If you represent a medical manufacturer that is selling medical devices into the UK market, then you’ll need to understand the requirements around the NHS eProcurement strategy (also known as Scan4Safety).  The NHS initiative is an interesting hybrid as it is a government body organizing a B2B product data request.  It is not regulatory in nature, rather, it is a commercial effort to bolster the sharing of manufacturers product data with UK providers (trusts).

If you are ramping your efforts, there are a few key resources that will inform you quickly.  The DH (UK Department of Health) has created a workspace, specifically for suppliers, to share relevant information and timelines.  To join the DH eXchange workspace for suppliers, you may request access by email to:

Once you’ve gained access to the supplier workspace, there are a few key documents you’ll want to find. 

  1. Data Dictionary: a guide to all requested product data points, and notation of which are mandatory vs. requested
  2. Supplier Readiness Questionnaire: all suppliers are required to complete this questionnaire once only as an indication of intention to participate with the NHS request
  3. Supplier Self-Declaration Questionnaire: Post completion of the Supplier Readiness Questionnaire, the NHS requires suppliers to complete a self-declaration questionnaire.  This survey is open every 6 months, April and October, and is open for the calendar month.  Suppliers that are members of the DH workspace will receive notification when it is open (and when it is due to close).

Finally, the NHS has issued an update to the original eProcurement Strategy document.  It outlines the most recent changes.  However, manufacturers should be sure to join the NHS Supplier Workspace to stay informed.  The workspace is the source for all required steps to maintain uninterrupted selling of your medical devices into the UK market.

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