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Want to Start Selling on Amazon?

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FSEnet+ can help you syndicate your product catalog seamlessly to Amazon and other retailers like Costco, Walmart and QVC. 

Healthcare Manufacturers:  Product Data Requests

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I often receive healthcare manufacturer questions like this:

“I’ve already shared my product data with GUDID… why is my IDN or GPO customer asking for data too?  Can’t my customer just use my GUDID submission?”

The short answer is: “Not entirely.”

Elohi and FSEnet+ Partner to Bring Valuable Services to Sustainable Food Companies

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MARION, IL-WALTHAM, MA, November 6, 2017 - Elohi Strategic Advisors, a consultancy founded to help natural and sustainable food companies navigate the foodservice industry, has partnered with FSEnet+, a leading Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool, to expand their service offerings to their client base.

Preparing for the UK NHS Mandate - 3 Things You Need to Know

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If you represent a medical manufacturer that is selling medical devices into the UK market, then you’ll need to understand the requirements around the NHS eProcurement strategy (also known as Scan4Safety).  The NHS initiative is an interesting hybrid as it is a government body organizing a B2B product data request.  It is not regulatory in nature, rather, it is a commercial effort to bolster the sharing of manufacturers product data with UK providers (trusts).

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label (and what it means for FSEnet+ Customers)

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On May 27, 2016, the FDA published new rules updating the type of information shown on Nutrition Facts Labels.

While the changes reflect the latest scientific evidence regarding diet patterns and eating habits, the primary goal of the rule change is to make information presentable in a way that allows consumers to make more informed decisions regarding their calorie and nutrition intake.

This blog post won't go delve deep into the reasons behind the changes, but will instead focus on what information must appear on the Facts Label starting in 2018 and how this will affect food manufacturers.

Read on to learn what’s new to the label, what’s gone, and what’s been updated. 

Introducing Customer Landing Pages for our Recipients!

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The Why

In keeping with our goal of offering the highest level of service for customers, FSenet+ has released landing pages for recipients’ customers. Landing pages are a convenient, 24/7, resource for suppliers that need to understand who to contact and how, what the goals of a recipient’s GDSN initiative are, and where to find important documents and timelines. This is of great value to customers on the receiving end of data submissions as it relieves administrative work on their data standards team by answering common questions up-front.

Infographic: How the FSEnet+ Product Photography Service Works

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Having digital images of your products is a necessity for eCommerce sites and for supply chain efficiency, but how difficult is it to create and host these types of assets? The infographic below shows just how easy it is to get professional photographs of your product catalog using the FSEnet+ product photography service. (If you're more interested in seeing how to bring our mobile studio to you to have digital product images taken, click here)

Showcase Your Products and Satisfy Supply Chain Demands

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You may have noticed that more and more companies require product images as part of their business demands. While it's long been established that products designated for sale online won't sell - and may not even be listed - if they aren't represented with clear, high-definition digital photographs, image attributes are also an essential way that operators and retailers identify items, optimize fulfillment operations, and streamline internal merchandizing.

A Handy Guide to GS1 Connect 2017

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The Connect Conference is the event of the year for the standards body that is GS1, and this year's event is being held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Being the major annual event for GS1, the Conference is packed with events, co-located user group meetings, exhibit hours, education sessions, more exhibit hours, and more events.  We get a lot of questions about the schedule, so below is a handy guide to important dates, times, and events happening at Connect '17. This is more a highlight reel than a full-length motion picture to prevent over-saturation, but if you want the full agenda (in not-too-easy-to-read format, click here.)

Costco Partners with FSEnet+ to Launch GDSN Initiative!

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 FSEnet+ is pleased to announce its partnership with Costco Wholesale and would like to prepare our community for upcoming changes to the way Costco receives product information from Suppliers.