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Introducing Customer Landing Pages for our Recipients!

By Nate Murray  |   |  0 Comments  |  Posted at 1:03 PM  | 

The Why

In keeping with our goal of offering the highest level of service for customers, FSenet+ has released landing pages for recipients’ customers. Landing pages are a convenient, 24/7, resource for suppliers that need to understand who to contact and how, what the goals of a recipient’s GDSN initiative are, and where to find important documents and timelines. This is of great value to customers on the receiving end of data submissions as it relieves administrative work on their data standards team by answering common questions up-front.


The What

Landing pages follow an easy template but also allow for customized content – how-to videos, initiative overviews, and contact information all in one place. Suppliers from alternate data pools can visit a landing page to download the latest implementation guide, access a list of supplier correspondence, view FAQ’s, and even initiate the publication process with that that trading partner.


Blog_Introducing Supplier Landing Pages for Recipient Customers1_700px w.png


The How

For now, type followed by “/” and the name of the trading partner you are looking for – Google will do the rest (for example, the url for Costco’s supplier landing page is In the coming weeks we’ll link to all landing pages from the FSEnet+ website.


The Who

If you are a current FSEnet+ recipient, please contact your account manager to discuss an FSEnet+ landing page for your customers. If you are new to FSEnet+, please email