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Showcase Your Products and Satisfy Supply Chain Demands

By Nate Murray  |  digital product images, high resolution product photography  |  0 Comments  |  Posted at 5:06 PM  | 


You may have noticed that more and more companies require product images as part of their business demands. While it's long been established that products designated for sale online won't sell - and may not even be listed - if they aren't represented with clear, high-definition digital photographs, image attributes are also an essential way that operators and retailers identify items, optimize fulfillment operations, and streamline internal merchandizing.

In short, product representation starts with the supply chain.

FSEnet+'s Product Photography Service ensures that your product catalog is complete, accurate, and that it meets trading partners needs - from supply chain to eComm.

Through our in-house digital photography studio, we photograph your products to the standards you require and even submit them to your trading partners through the GDSN if you are an FSEnet+ customer (we also make them available for download). FSEnet+ studio photographers are GDSN experts so you don't have to worry about navigating the complexities of GS1 Standards - the GS1 US Product Images Application Guideline for Retail Grocery alone has 50 pages of definitions for proper product images!

Remember, digital product images are a critical requirement and your GDSN trading partners utilize them for internal merchandising, online ordering systems, and to effectively market your products to operators - and ultimately consumers.


digital product images, high resolution product photography