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Healthcare Manufacturers:  Product Data Requests

By Tasha Wiehe  |  the fda udi rule, medical device product data, healthcare product data  |  0 Comments  |  Posted at 3:11 PM  | 

I often receive healthcare manufacturer questions like this:

“I’ve already shared my product data with GUDID… why is my IDN or GPO customer asking for data too?  Can’t my customer just use my GUDID submission?”

The short answer is: “Not entirely.”

Elohi and FSEnet+ Partner to Bring Valuable Services to Sustainable Food Companies

By Nate Murray  |  gdsn, elohi, gs1 us foodservice, data sync  |  0 Comments  |  Posted at 2:14 PM  | 

MARION, IL-WALTHAM, MA, November 6, 2017 - Elohi Strategic Advisors, a consultancy founded to help natural and sustainable food companies navigate the foodservice industry, has partnered with FSEnet+, a leading Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool, to expand their service offerings to their client base.